Friday, April 21, 2017

April 21-26

Kdg: begin graduation music

1st: Spring songs about gardening, weather poem with percussion instruments to add sound effects

2nd: Old John Braddelum, wood block performances with short, short, long pattern; introduce half note

3rd: all classes should look over song # 15 for in-class practice

4th: Somewhere Over the Rainbow, introduce leaps. Review visual/aural identification of steps/leaps/repeats for in-class quiz

5th: rehearse music for memorial day program

6th: begin graduation music and music for memorial day program

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April 13th-20th

Kdg: Bluebird, Bluebird- moving to the beat, performing bell patterns

1st: Old House- discuss construction tools and move to the beat, create new tools to the beat, violin

2nd: Ise Oluwa- African background, African percussion instruments, performing ostinato patterns to the song

3rd: All classes review songs 12-14 to play together as a class.

4th: Follow the Yellow Brick Road- notes that move by step, upward, and downward. Briefly discuss The Wizard of Oz background

5th: Go over final call chart maps and make corrections

6th On the Road Again- country style music, Willie Nelson, use of repetition/contrast, watch live performance on Youtube

Chorus will begin karaoke tracks this week!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April 6-12

Kindergarten - 2nd grade: varied activities due to schedule changes.

3rd Grade: all classes should review # 9-11. We will play together in class along with the recordings.

4th grade: MTA song, repeated notes, tall tale lyrics.

5th grade: all art/call charts will be finished this week.

6th grade: Final singing/bell performances for Bells of Liberty song.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March 30-April 5th

Kdg: Allee, Allee, O- discuss boats/ocean, identify repeating patterns, play ship game to the beat

1st: Identifying non-musical sounds, listen to 3 sound stories and discuss sounds, field trip in building to hear non-music sounds

2nd: How Good and Joyous, repeat signs, percussion performances using hand drum, tambourine, and triangle

3rd: McCabe, Lynch, and Shadle- # 9 individual playing grade and # 10 extra credit
Smith- Hot Cross Buns Variation for homework; in-class we will begin note 'E'

4th: Finish technology unit, Skrillex Bass, Artiphon, and Looping

5th: Final Call Chart due

6th: label bell parts and rehearse in small groups. Singing groups will also be assigned for our patriotic round.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

March 23- 29

Kdg- The Days of the Week/Spanish also. Writing with Capital letters

1st- Going Over the Sea, numbers, rhyming words, and creating choreography

2nd- Old Dan Tucker, Tall Tales, and counting a dance sequence

3rd- All classes will be introduce to note 'E' using the right hand. Number 9 will be the playing assignment with number 10 as extra credit

4th- dubpad and launchpad examples. Expand the definition of Dubstep music and focus on a 'riser' and 'the drop'

5th- Week 2 of setting up call chart. Map key and symbols due by the end of class

6th- Patriotic unit, week 1, The Bells of Liberty, focus on singing, lyrics, and harmony parts

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March 9-15

kindergarten: Continue learning song unit; Roll Over & Numbers Rap, counting forward and backward.

1st: Acka Backa Soda Cracka rhythm game. Must pass the 'hot potato' to the beat so you don't get out!

2nd: Strings/Not strings listening activity. Rock vs. Folk style music.

3rd: McCabe and Shadle: # 7 & 8. Lynch: # 9 and BAGE Mad Minute worksheet. Smith: review all material from the beginning. #7 is your playing solo. All classes- please remember to practice. I was surprised at how many students have not taken the time to do your playing homework. Each week will get more difficult.

4th: Tech Unit #2 open note quiz. Begin Tech unit #3 including Dubstep and Skrillex.

5th: Call chart unit. You will listen and create a map of what you hear.

6th: Final bell performance of your composition.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 1-7

Kdg: begin unit with learning songs- ABC Rock

1st: Clap Your Hands- explore loud vs soft

2nd: String Sounds- fiddle = violin

3rd: Lynch # 8 due
Smith, shadle, McCabe # 6 & 7 due

4th: Tech unit- hot hand and vocoder demonstration videos

5th: Spiritual/Gospel style- scat, descant, and tambourine

6th: Begin rhythm/melody compositions