Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Sept 18-24

KDG: National Anthem, history, vocabulary, egg shakers

First: Beat vs No Beat practice quiz, rhythm review/woodblock performance

Second: Springtime Has Come, Japanese music, gong

Third: Supermarket Shuffle, rap, write and perform rap sentence to rap track

Fourth: Steady Silent beat, jazz style, non-sense syllables, percussion performance

Fifth: Tzena, 4/4, conduct, chord, tonechime/boomstick performance

Sixth: Pick groups, charities, research to create new rap lyrics to the 2010 version of We Are the World

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September Week 2

Kindergarten: Fingerplay activities, rhythm reading, writing, performance activities on drums

First Grade: Walk Right In, steady beat in feet, beat vs. no beat, rhythm reading, writing, performance activities on drums

Second Grade: Down, Down Baby, hand clapping games, create hand clapping game in small groups with performance

Third Grade: Rockin' Robin, review verse/chorus, sing, perform tambourine patterns as accompaniment, watch Jackson 5 version on YouTube

Fourth Grade: Rock Around the Clock, chorus/verse/introduction/interlude/chord vocab words, discuss Elvis, perform boomstick chords

Fifth Grade: Roll On Columbia, melody, harmony, descant, meter in 3/4, conduct, Woodie Guthrie, boomstick chord performance

Sixth Grade: We Are the World, compare/contrast old vs. new, watch both YouTube videos, worth 10 pts

CHORUS SLIPS ARE STILL BEING ACCEPTED!!!! Our first rehearsal will be September 18th during recess time.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Welcome Back 2018-19

Chorus will begin on September 18th! I will collect permission slips until then.

4th Grade Show The Great Big Holiday Bake-Off

5th Grade Show Karaoke Christmas

6th Grade Show Santa's Holiday Playlist

Chorus will meet every day 1 & 6 during recess.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

May: Week 1

Kdg: Farewell ceremony rehearsals

1st: Each of Us is a Flower, discussion, choreography, weather poem/percussion experiment

2nd: Lone Star Trail, identifying and performing steps/leaps/repeats on the bells

3rd: BAGE mad minute sheet, Number 10, pentatonic improv.

4/5: Bucket drumming composition, section A final copy due, section B rough draft due

6th: Farewell music rehearsals

**** I will be out on Tuesday and Wednesday for Band rehearsals at the high school. Alternate lessons will be left for classes affected on those days.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

End of April

KDG: Farewell Ceremony- lyrics, choreography, stage presence, volume, dynamics

1st: Old House- Call & response, construction equipment, creating choreography, boom stick chords, identify instruments in song

2nd: Sunset- Native American culture/instruments, use symbols as art to represent lyrics

3rd: Play 9 & 10, complete a timed Madminute sheet with notes B, A, G, E. Assign number 11

4/5/6: S. will form small groups to compose their own bucket drumming ostinato to the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Chorus: please check your emails/FB page for all upcoming concert info. Hard copy information is also available on my bulletin board for students to take home!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

April: Week 1

Kdg: Soap & Water, learning activity, boom sticks, apply

1st Grade: Shortnin' Bread, story and discuss meaning, sing, dance, boom stick chords.

2nd Grade:Old John Braddelum: half note, rhyming words, wood block performance.

3rd Grade: Hot Cross Buns playing test. Prepare the variation with ti-ti for next class.

4/5/6: Begin Come Together by The Beatles. Work on difficult patterns very slowly for the assessment.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Rotation 3 in March

KDG: Lion's Lullaby, soft, chords, broken chord style, boomsticks

1st: Going Over the Sea, rhyming words, dance choreography, create new rhyming words and choreography for a class performance

2nd: Ise Oluwa, Africa, African instruments, music in Africa, ostinato, melody, harmony

3rd: Practice # 6 & 7

4/5/6: Begin Can't Stop the Feeling Bucket Drumming song