Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Week 4

Kindergarten: My Head & My Shoulders, identify body parts, identify slow, medium, fast tempos, perform drums and maracas while steady beat is changing

First Grade: March for a Zany Prince, discuss lyrics, identify soft and loud sections, march to steady beat, beat vs. no beat quiz, practice writing rhythms on board to create patterns for the class to perform on percussion

Second Grade: Shake Hands, Mary, identifying song movements with the steady beat, performing tasks on the steady beat with a partner, creating new tasks on the steady beat with a partner, using scarves to show a steady beat vs free movements

Third Grade: Stodola Pumpa, tempo: fast vs. slow, wood block performance showing tempo change, non-sense syllables, review all vocab for quiz next week

Fourth Grade: Finish Joe Turner Blues activity from last week, blues style, complete compare/contrast chart on different vocal styles, vocal LSA game if time allows

Fifth Grade: vocab quiz first, Come and Go with Me to that Land, Civil Right discussion, Gospel Style, instrumentation, tambourine performances on beats 2 & 4

Sixth Grade: Continue brainstorming/rap writing new section in We Are the World based on Hurricane Harvey and Irma

Chorus: Grades 4-6 will meet on Wednesday, September 20th, during recess times. The first rehearsal will be to get assigned voice parts and seating in rows. CDs and packets will also be given out!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Week 3

Kindergarten: songs with fingerplay, s. will practice drawing ta, ti-ti, and rest, compose and perform a short 4 bar rhythm during class

First Grade: March for a Zany Prince, beat vs no beat, practice ta, ti-ti, and rest, note formation, compose and perform student rhythms

Second Grade: Springtime Has Come, discuss Japan, culture, sing, perform rhythm ostinato on claves/finger cymbals, play gong

Third Grade: Rappin' in Rhythm, discuss silly rap lyrics, listen to blank rap tracks, compose/perform one sentence rap with rap tracks, review all vocab words for practice quiz in class

Fourth Grade: Silent steady beat & Joe Turner Blues, non-sense syllables, perform all rhythm in small groups with various percussion, discuss blues style and changes between both songs

Fifth Grade: Tzena, meter in 4/4, conducting, teach chord building and perform chords on boomsticks to accompany, tambourines if time allows

Sixth Grade: small groups will rewrite We Are the World rap lyrics and modify for Florida/Texas Hurricane. Rap performances if time allows

Chorus: We will meet on Day 6, Wednesday, September 20th. We will split into Melody and Harmony groups and get assigned seats in height order so that you can see me during rehearsals. We will also discuss solos and speaking part opportunities. I do not expect to have CDs or packets ready for that day. The music is arriving this week and I will need time to edit everything first.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Week 2

Kindergarten: singing and creating new dance moves to Finger in the Air, review Ta & Ti-Ti

First Grade: Review Everybody Says, begin Walk Right In, discuss beat vs. no beat, listening and playing activity using beat/no beat

Second Grade: Zudio dance for fun, begin Down Down Baby with dance moves, discuss and act out strong vs weak beats with partners

Third Grade: Rockin' Robin, sing and discuss Jackson 5 and watch YouTube video, non-sense syllables, perform percussion on vocal rests

Fourth Grade: Rock Around the Clock, Elvis Presley, Interlude, Introduction, Chorus, verse, beginning of Rock & Roll

Fifth Grade: Review Adelita with 2/4, begin Roll On Columbia with 3/4, discuss Woody Guthrie, melody, harmony, descant

Sisth Grade: We Are the World original vs 25 year anniversary remake. At least 10 listening observations are due after both YouTube videos are watched.

Chorus slips are still being collected. Chorus will begin in a few weeks. I am still anxiously awaiting the music arrival and will immediately begin burning CDs and getting your packets ready! Don't forget about joining the NSE Choral Department Facebook page!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Welcome Back

All classes will be going over safety rules, fire procedures, intruder drills, and music curriculum the first rotation. All classes will learn one song before class is over.

Grades 4-6 will also be receiving chorus and band information. Any chorus forms can be returned to me during the first 2 weeks of school. Mr. Kelly will collect band forms.

I hope you all have an amazing school year!!! Keep singing!

Friday, May 12, 2017

May 12-18

K & 6 will continue to work on Graduation music

1st: Review loud and soft, introduce long and short sounds- listening quiz on both sets of opposite words

2nd: Sunset song, Native American culture, recreate song using drawings

3rd: continue to work with Mr. Kelly on recorder/instrument demonstrations for 4th grade

4th & 5th: Friendly competition of Name that Tune for bonus points on their music grade!

Friday, May 5, 2017

May 5th-11th

All lessons for this rotation will remain the same due to concert rehearsals delaying our music schedule. Please see the post below for the accurate lessons.

Friday, April 28, 2017

April 28-May 4

Kdg & 6th: graduation music

1st: Race You Down the Mountain- Tempo, ostinato chords, bells and boomsticks

2nd: In the Barnyard- introduce the half note, perform animal movements to assigned rhythm patterns, percussion instruments

3rd: working with Mr. Kelly on recorders and introducing band instrument choices for 4th grade!

4th: Happiness Runs- ostinato patterns on bells and boomsticks, repeating patterns- melodic/rhythmic

5th: memorial day music and partner songs in western style