Thursday, November 2, 2017

Week 9

K-3: Holiday concert prep

4th Grade: Spiritual Style/instrument ostinatos

5th Grade: begin music mapping project

6th Grade: Reggae style and rhythm complex

Chorus: memorize all lyrics, speaking parts, and look at packets I prepared for you (especially for the actors during the songs!)

Friday, October 20, 2017

Week 8

K-3 will be preparing their concert music for the holiday show.

4th Grade will be performing their sound effects with a Halloween song.

5th Grade will be creating fall/Halloween chants and performing them with percussion instruments

6th Grade: 2 part harmony Thriller!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Week 7

Grades K-4 will be working on Halloween/Fall songs focusing on special sound effects.

Fifth Grade will finish their sound stories and watch a computer generated video of Danse Macabre

Sixth grade will complete their final rap performance

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Week 6

Kindergarten: Movement Rondo, how to move to different music, listening worksheet

First Grade: You'll Sing a Song, ways to use the voice, rhythm game if time permits

Second Grade: Let's Go Fly a Kite, melodic contour, carousel music, contour worksheet

Third Grade: It's a Small World and East/West, steady beat, marching band, dance moves on the beat, strong and weak beats

Fourth Graade: Clock Music, imagery, art/music relationship, woodblock ticking, woodblock performances, Compare to Sleigh Ride

Fifth Grade: Work on sound story with added Foley effects

Sixth Grade: Begin rehearsing composed rap lyrics with Karaoke track

Chorus: All students should listen to song 1 & 2 in their packets to prepare for chorus this week. Memorize as much as you can so we can start auditions for solos and speaking roles.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Week 5

Kindergarten: Jump that Jody, identify percussion instruments by sound and perform with song, steady beat

First Grade: Chicka Hanka, discuss 'sidetracking a train,' train sounds, call and response, singing and performing on egg shakers to the repeated patterns

Second Grade: Exploring non musical sounds in the environment and using opposite words to describe them- high/low, loud/soft, fast/slow, and long/short

Third Grade: Vocab study guide was sent home for a short 5 question quiz we will take at the beginning of class. Ragtime Rhythms, Scott Joplin, stomping/clapping patterns, discuss history of ragtime music

Fourth Grade: Breathe Easy Blues, the purpose of rests in music compared to phrasing in the English language. Diagramming sentences in order to sing correctly using punctuation

Fifth Grade: Begin writing a sound story using words that make sound and instruments to make them. Perform sound stories using percussion instruments next week

Sixth Grade: continue rap writing assignment in small groups

Chorus: keep listening to those CDs. We will begin working on harmonies

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Week 4

Kindergarten: My Head & My Shoulders, identify body parts, identify slow, medium, fast tempos, perform drums and maracas while steady beat is changing

First Grade: March for a Zany Prince, discuss lyrics, identify soft and loud sections, march to steady beat, beat vs. no beat quiz, practice writing rhythms on board to create patterns for the class to perform on percussion

Second Grade: Shake Hands, Mary, identifying song movements with the steady beat, performing tasks on the steady beat with a partner, creating new tasks on the steady beat with a partner, using scarves to show a steady beat vs free movements

Third Grade: Stodola Pumpa, tempo: fast vs. slow, wood block performance showing tempo change, non-sense syllables, review all vocab for quiz next week

Fourth Grade: Finish Joe Turner Blues activity from last week, blues style, complete compare/contrast chart on different vocal styles, vocal LSA game if time allows

Fifth Grade: vocab quiz first, Come and Go with Me to that Land, Civil Right discussion, Gospel Style, instrumentation, tambourine performances on beats 2 & 4

Sixth Grade: Continue brainstorming/rap writing new section in We Are the World based on Hurricane Harvey and Irma

Chorus: Grades 4-6 will meet on Wednesday, September 20th, during recess times. The first rehearsal will be to get assigned voice parts and seating in rows. CDs and packets will also be given out!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Week 3

Kindergarten: songs with fingerplay, s. will practice drawing ta, ti-ti, and rest, compose and perform a short 4 bar rhythm during class

First Grade: March for a Zany Prince, beat vs no beat, practice ta, ti-ti, and rest, note formation, compose and perform student rhythms

Second Grade: Springtime Has Come, discuss Japan, culture, sing, perform rhythm ostinato on claves/finger cymbals, play gong

Third Grade: Rappin' in Rhythm, discuss silly rap lyrics, listen to blank rap tracks, compose/perform one sentence rap with rap tracks, review all vocab words for practice quiz in class

Fourth Grade: Silent steady beat & Joe Turner Blues, non-sense syllables, perform all rhythm in small groups with various percussion, discuss blues style and changes between both songs

Fifth Grade: Tzena, meter in 4/4, conducting, teach chord building and perform chords on boomsticks to accompany, tambourines if time allows

Sixth Grade: small groups will rewrite We Are the World rap lyrics and modify for Florida/Texas Hurricane. Rap performances if time allows

Chorus: We will meet on Day 6, Wednesday, September 20th. We will split into Melody and Harmony groups and get assigned seats in height order so that you can see me during rehearsals. We will also discuss solos and speaking part opportunities. I do not expect to have CDs or packets ready for that day. The music is arriving this week and I will need time to edit everything first.